Saturday, 19 June 2021

Shelf Life of our  Dog Treats

Self Life - Bek dehydrating our dog treats


Our dog treats have a shelf life of approximately 1 month.

We say ‘approximately’ as they have no preservatives,  they are all natural dog biscuits, and because of the dehydrating process they have no ‘use by date’.

We use 1 month as a guide only.

Although, they are so tasty we don’t think they will last that long with your best friend.

Once opened, it’s important to store your treats away from direct sunlight in an air tight container.

Our bags are perfectly safe to keep them in, just remember to reseal it properly.

There is no need for you to refrigerate your treats.


Because we only use the healthiest of ingredients to make our yummy treats you can be assured most fur-babies will love our dog cookies. 

We also recognise some dogs have certain allergies so we have taken this into account when choosing what ingredients to use, these treats have no additives and only the freshest of ingredients are used. We use brown rice and rolled oats instead of wheat flour in all our treats.